Connected Jewels Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

To those who doubted about the future of the Apple watch, here is to give some extra credit: who better than Hermès could attach it’s brand to what many see as a geek phenomenon ? Who else could be the ideal candidate to link innovation to craftsmanship? Yes, fellows, Apple is in the fashion business and intends to stay (the company already hired top people from Burberry and Yves Saint-Laurent). The Hermès Apple Watch was revealed on 9 September and will be available next week, as from 5 October. (

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Of course, this Hermès-Apple item is far from being the only example of connected jewellery.  Myself, was given(by my beloved husband 🙂 ) as a present  for my last birthday a gorgeous gold ring, with a moonstone. Beautiful, and romantic, yes, but it is also a connected ring: it is connected to my social accounts and email and notifies me with very discreet little lights when a message comes in. ( .The only thing is that, in this over-connected world I use it more than a jewel than a notification item, my smartphone is enough to do the job !

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