How Moms use YouTube across product categories.

If  your brand is interested in how to reach Moms, YouTube is the right destination for your content strategy. Not only Moms are turning to YouTube to have answers to their daily ‘How to’ questions, but according to a survey that the video platform did in collaboration with TNS and Ipsos, they do it more than the average viewer.

58 % of YouTube-watching moms who were surveyed agree they’re likely to search for videos about a certain product before making a purchase, and 69% go to YouTube first, over other online video platforms. The research tried to find how moms approach three specific types of categories: fashion (for herself), baby/kids products (for her children), and cars (for her household), and what that means for brands. First, it was found that the challenge for brands changes depending on the category. For example, when looking for fashion items only 42% of moms surveyed start shopping with a particular brand in mind, whereas 80% have a brand in mind when shopping for cars.

As an example, discover here how P&G engaged with Moms  in it’s Always video ‘Like a Girl’, helping Moms how to deal with their little girl self-estime.

(Source: YouTube/TNS)




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