How ‘Haul’ Videos Impact In-store and Online Shopping.

‘Haul’ Videos are an emerging genre, where shoppers (mainly female) describe their recent purchases.  The watching of ‘Haul’ videos on YouTube is increasing: last year, Google reported that “videos with ‘haul’ in the title have been watched more than 1.1 billion times on YouTube.”, and according to a Google study, 4 out of 10 people who have watched a ‘Haul’ video end up virtually or physically into the store.
2014-holiday-shopper-research-shopping-never-sleeps_articles_02The content of these videos may focus on specific items in the fashion or beauty industry, but can also cover a generic topic like back to school (see ‘haul de rentrée’ by YouTuber Lison Gianni) or Homeware related to a specific brand (see Ikea homeware haul).  This emerging video trend is a huge opportunity for marketeers. Not only they can use YouTubers, Haulers to showcase their products and boost sales, but also engage with the YouTuber’s audience.  If companies start approaching ‘Haulers’ to promote their brand and products, the question remains whether they do it in a transparent relationship (see haul video of Caitlin Ellsworth, who has relationships with more than 15 companies, including Seventeen Magazine and several YouTube beauty channels.). It is therefore important to consider the haulers approach within a broader influencers marketing strategy, defining the goals, the approach for each of them and, last, but not least, identify the impact on purchase.



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