‘Digital is measurable, not magical !’

I really enjoyed reading this article on iMediaConnection. It reminded me of many meetings where the obsession of digital advertising metrics leading to sales was haunting the room.

Of course, the role and impact of online campaigns on conversion is undoubtable, but measuring at all cost might leads to what I call ‘dis-measuring’: your obsession to measure makes you measure anything, for the sake of data. I am not saying it is not important, but your advertising report as stand alone will not do the job. What about your own data ? How do you cross it with TV, CRM, emailing, social ? Did your creatives do a great job ? And was each creative adapted to the relevant device ? Which device was the most effective ? What previous data, insights are available to feed your agency with ? And, last, but not least, is your product offer really attractive ? More in this very eye-opener article:

Source: 10 little-known facts about media planning (single page view) – iMediaConnection.com

Najad Jonas-Menouar

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