Facebook testing ‘lead ads’: another privacy challenge ?

Admit it: when it comes to fill in forms, I hear you all sigh:  again, pfff, I’ll do it later

…..You want it all quick, on the go, right here, right now,  that’s the reason you use a mobile, anyway: to make your most immediate wish comme true !

What if just with a tap, you have it all done ? Wouldn’t you subscribe more, submit more, test more, buy more ? Sure you would ! That’s the reason why Facebook, your dear friend, your big brother, who knows you inside-out, is testing the ‘lead ads’.

The lead ads that are currently being tested by Facebook are aimed to make the mobile sign-up process easier by automatically populating your contact information before submitting, subscribing, or getting a price estimate. Facebook says it is all done while keeping privacy in mind on one hand, and that Advertisers may only use this information in accordance with their privacy policies, on the other hand. Another privacy challenge ?



Najad Jonas-Menouar

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Najad Jonas-Menouar. Online Media, influence marketing. Ex-Head of Digital at Omnicom Media Group. Wife, mother, entrepreneur. Believes Media Influencers are the New Black. Eats, breathes and lives all things media, social or otherwise. Loves art, fashion and pop culture.

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