The Battle for Influencers: the launch of Signal for Facebook and Instagram defying Twitter ?

Yesterday, Facebook launched Signal, a tool that enables journalists to search, gather or embed content on Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from the threat that it might represents for Twitter, the launch of Signal confirms the need for identifying influencers, not only for journalists, but for brands that try to survive in a fragmented social world. Today, these brands depend on influencers to curate, share, promote, and benefit from their huge number of followers. These brands are looking for the best influencers, the stars of the internet, the best creative Youtubers, you name it….This deep digital transformation is challenging the whole media advertising business !


Najad Jonas-Menouar

Influence & Media

Najad Jonas-Menouar. Online Media, influence marketing. Ex-Head of Digital at Omnicom Media Group. Wife, mother, entrepreneur. Believes Media Influencers are the New Black. Eats, breathes and lives all things media, social or otherwise. Loves art, fashion and pop culture.

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